• Absence on the re-opening day as well as on the last day of each term is not allowed.

  • Students will not be permitted to go home between the school hours except during unavoidable emergencies.
  • Handbook should be brought to school daily.

  • Students must report to school by 8.55 am
  • Clean & tidy school uniform must be worn on all the school days and for school function. Sports uniform should be worn on Thursdays.

  • Jewellery especially gold must not be worn to the school. Exchange of money or any kind of dealing with money is not allowed.
  • Writing/ scribbling on the walls, dirtying classroom or damaging school property is forbidden. Articles damaged by the pupil, must be paid for, if required, at the discretion of the Principal.

  • No student suffering from infectious or contagious diseases shall be allowed to attend the school.
  • Every student must take part in the school activities unless physically unfit or exempted by the Principal.

  • Any change of address should be communicated without delay to the class teacher.
  • Politeness, courtesy in  speech, good conduct and communication in English are expected from the students

  • No re – examination for absentees, expect for students participating in competitions
  • Cellular phones are not allowed inside the school premises at any cost, both by the students & the parents.
  • Malpractices of any kind by the student shall be informed to the parents and warning letters will be issued twice

  • Parents may meet the Principal for any information or clarification with prior appointment, or any time after 3.40 pm on all the working days.                                
Languages Subject Classes
Language I English All Classes from I to VIII
Language II Tamil, Hindi Standards from I to VIII
Language III Hindi, Tamil, French Standards from I to VIII